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The newest book in my Cameron's of Tide's Way - contemporary romance series is here . . .

 When Meg Cameron joined the Marines to get an education, she never counted on being deployed to a war zone. Now that she’s home, both she and her husband Ben are struggling with the toll war, separation and regrets have taken on their marriage. Meg is tormented by guilt over the death of a military dog and the kiss she shared with her commanding officer as he comforted her. Her husband, Ben, is the love of her life, how could he possibly forgive her if he knew the truth?

Ben Cameron is just happy that his brave, beautiful wife is safely home with him and their young sons. Everything seems fine--at first. In bed, he and Meg are perfect together, until the nightmares come and she calls out a name that's not his. She's hurting and he doesn't understand, but he's trying. If only she would talk to him about what's bothering her.

Then there's Kip, a police K-9 who lost his handler and his spirit to a perp with a gun. Ben has been asked to help rehabilitate the grieving K-9.  Can Ben help these two wounded warriors find peace? Can he convince Meg to trust him with her nightmares? As Meg debates returning to active duty, a move that would surely end in another deployment, Ben's frustrations and fears climb. What if her pain and confusion take her back into harm's way again, and he lost her forever?  

The Camerons of Tide’s Way 

Contemporary Romance Series from Bell Bridge Books

Falling for Zoe April 2014

Loving Meg August 2014

Coming of Age Short story fall 2014

The Wager Short story Winter 2014-2015

Trusting Will March 2015

  Zoe Callahan, pregnant with the child her ex-boyfriend doesn’t want, adores her ramshackle new home in the seaside town of Tide’s Way, North Carolina. When she meets her handsome next-door neighbor, Jake Cameron, who offers some fixer-upper help, her heart goes out to him instantly. He’s a doting dad to three daughters and the kind caretaker to a mom-in-law with Alzheimer’s. Jake is equally smitten with Zoe, but he won’t risk turning his family upside down again after his ex-wife nearly destroyed it.

As their friendship grows, Zoe discovers love hasn’t given up on her, even if the father of her unborn child did. Now she just needs to figure out why Jake is so determined not to let the heady attraction that sizzles between them turn into something more than just friends. Then one evening when their attraction threatens to boil over, Jake is convinced Zoe wants a fairytale he is not capable of giving her. He says some pretty stupid things to squash her expectations, and Zoe is crushed.

Before Jake has a chance to fix what he's nearly broken, disaster strikes, and Jake is Zoe’s reluctant rescuer. He already has her heart, but now, in spite of the rift that has come between them, she must trust him with her life and the life of her baby. Can Jake shake the demons in his own past and trust himself?


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