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The evidence is misleading, and Jesse’s tunnel-visioned partner is eager to arrest Jesse’s next-door neighbor.


With her regular partner on family leave, Jesse Quinn is temporarily paired with her nemesis on the St John’s County Sheriff’s detective squad. Zack Oliver thinks women don’t belong on the Major Crimes squad and he’s in a hurry to sideline her, close the case and move on. Jesse just needs to find the real killer of the popular local pastor before Zack pins the murder on an innocent man.


Meanwhile at home Jesse is trying to reconcile with her teenage daughter who was grounded for entertaining a boy in her bedroom and is now lobbying to move into Jesse’s ex’s house where she thinks the rules will be more relaxed.


And then there’s Seth Cameron, who would like to become more in Jesse’s life than just a friend.

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BELIEVING IN MAC -- Mac Riggs did time for a crime he didn’t commit. When Casey Cameron, new to the Tide’s Way Police Department, is assigned to mentor his return to society, she is reluctant to believe him. Mac wants to clear his name. Casey wants him to move on. Like she had to when she resigned her Army commission to care for her mother who is learning to live life in a wheelchair. Like the young man Casey found camped in her new house is tackling life anew as an emancipated minor. Even the puppy found abandoned in a box beside Mac’s truck is eager to adopt her new life. Why not Mac?  


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Powerful people want a good man locked up for murder - and time is not on Jesse’s side.


Dan Hoffman’s wife is dead. His fingerprints are on the glass prism she was bludgeoned with, and powerful people want him in cuffs. But Detective Jesse Quinn has a history with Dan and she believes he’s innocent.


A man on the run claims the murder is tied to a long-ago cover-up over an incident in Afghanistan. Four people are dead, and two attempts have been made. A rival in the Sheriff’s office wants to take over the investigation and time is running out.



“Time to pack up and head to Florida where revenge makes for a bloody summer for Detective Jesse Quinn. Don't miss Bullseye, a sensational kick-off to a fresh new mystery series.”    ~ C. Hope Clark, author of the award-winning Edisto Island Mysteries and The Carolina Slade Mysteries.  






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I was invited to visit Betty Bolte's Blog - come on over and say HI!

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WORRY STONE - Book 6 in the Camerons of Tide's Way won Silver at the Royal Palm Literary Award Competition 2019. 

Check out the article that appeared in my hometown newspaper!

Now available on Kindle Unlimited

The Candidate:  A mainstream intrigue. Set against the backdrop of a presidential campaign running up to election day, it's the story of one man's struggle with a buried memeory from his past that threatens to derail both his life and his bid for the highest office in the country. It's also the story of two other men, with equal chances to win who have secrets from their past that could be just as devastating.

The photo took Matt Steele off guard, jerking him back to a time he’d done everything to forget, to emotions he never wanted to relive. In the midst of a hotly contested race for the White House, the photo and the man who brought it to him will challenge everything Matt thought he knew about himself. The choice he faces to put honor on the line could change the outcome of the election and the fate of a nation.

Available at:  AmazonB&N, and Wings-ePress.

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Worry Stone - book 6 in the Tide's Way series -

   . . . where the Cameron family saga began . . .

“A deeply emotional tale set during the turbulent years of the Vietnam War. Authentic and evocative, this love story between a veteran and a one-time war protester makes us appreciate the healing power of love.” Eve Gaddy, National Best Selling Author

Cam wasn’t planning on getting involved with anyone until he put the war firmly behind him but the hope and love Sandy brings to his troubled heart is irresistible. Will Sandy’s love be enough to bring Cam back from the edge of despair and convince him to get the help he so desperately needs? Is his love for her strong enough for him to pull his life together and be the man she believes in?

Read chapter one here

Worry Stone -  Amazon Print   Kindle  Barnes & Noble   Kobo    

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Everybody Cut Loose - Just because everyone needs something fun to smile about


Thanks to Rosaninha Viera who posted this first - makes me feel good every time I watch it.

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