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Blogging By the Sea
Tuesday, November 08 2011
I used to walk along a little road down the middle of the dunes toward that little round dome of a house. You can see a bit of the road just across the NEW inlet to the river (the river is to the right, out of sight), but the rest of the road has been swallowed by the sea just as the dunes were. This photo was taken from where that road used to be, well above the reach of the sea, but my feet were in the water today.
When I first moved to Summer Haven this little house was completely buried in the dunes. Then a tiny bit of the front wall began to show. First a few feet, then more. Eventually the whole front wall higher than head height showed and the front stairs appeared. This past summer parts of the sides of the house began to show as unusually high tides swept away sand and dune. Then we had one northeast storm after another. The first uncovered the old septic tank. The next tumbled the front wall onto the sand. This last one completely destroyed the house and carried away all the dune that once surrounded it and this is all that's left. I wonder how long it will be before the dome house and the dunes around it are swallowed by the sea or washed into the river beyond?
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