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Wednesday, March 09 2016

Coming Saturday - Blog Hop - Surprising Secondary Characters

Tired of today’s partisan bickering already? Escape into THE CANDIDATE it’s a campaign rollercoaster you’ll love. In one reviewer's words: "reminiscent of John Grisham."

It’s down to the last two months in a neck-and-neck presidential election race. Matt Steele is trying to run a clean and honest campaign, while not alienating his party base with details of the harsh economic realities he knows he will have to embrace if he wants to restore the American dream. While campaigning, he is slipped an old snapshot by an Amerasian immigrant who claims to be the son of Matt’s closest friend who was killed in Vietnam. Matt’s acceptance of this man and his claim erupts into allegations that the young man is Matt’s illegitimate son, something neither Matt nor his adversaries believe. But the photograph also triggers buried memories, and old guilt about the woman in the picture and the promises Matt made to her after his friend was killed. Rolly Miller, a charismatic man with a reputation for turning his state around is ahead in the polls. He wants to maintain his public image as a grieving widower and keep his long time lover a secret until after he has won the election. Blair Cabot is an outsider who is determined to bury his opponents whatever it takes, including arm-twisting, blackmail, and lies. But Cabot’s past includes some very shady shipping deals and three men who may have died to keep them quiet.

How will the candidates manage to keep their pasts buried as November approaches and the margins in the polls get even narrower? Or will all the ugly secrets get bared and change the outcome of the election?

For Matt Steele, the photo shoved at him during a rally, took him off guard, jerking him back to a time he’d done everything to forget, to emotions he never wanted to relive. In the midst of this hotly contested race for the White House, the photo and the man who brought it to him will challenge everything Matt thought he knew about himself.

Rolly is a decent guy just trying to get past the election before he comes clean about his personal life, but when one of his opponents gets nasty, his lover launches a Twitter campaign filled with half truths and innuendo to bring the other candidate down. The outcome is anyone’s guess, or perhaps one man’s worst nightmare coming true.

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Twitter: POLBRAT: Col Cabot – What’s w arms smuggling? Isn’t that treason?

TJ barged into Blair Cabot’s private office without knocking. “Who’s Colonel Cabot?”

“Colonel Cabot?” Blair glanced up, a blank look of incomprehension on his face.

“This Colonel Cabot!” TJ slapped a sheaf of computer printouts on Blair’s desk.

Blair shuffled through them, then looked up. His brow still furrowed in confusion. “I don’t know any Colonel Cabot.”

“Well, he appears to be connected with Blair International. And it’s being suggested that he killed your once-upon-a-time chief operating officer. That the death wasn’t a suicide as determined at the time, and that it was a cover-up for some kind of shady arms shipments.”

Blair went suddenly ashen, and TJ felt the shock of that involuntary admission clear down to his toes. He’d been so sure this whole Twitter thing had been a hoax.

“There are no colonels connected with Cabot Industries. And Bill Candace did commit suicide. Blair stood, clearly pulling himself together and trying to get a handle on things.

“Then who the hell are they referring to?”

Posted by: Skye Taylor AT 10:47 am   |  Permalink   |  1 Comment  |  Email
Great post. Love being surprised by my own secondary characters, and enjoyed thinking about some of the ones you mentioned.
Posted by Christine Campbell on 03/22/2016 - 12:47 PM

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