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Blogging By the Sea
Tuesday, January 17 2017

It's been one of those days . . .  like for about a week now. You know the kind of day, I'm sure. Ever heard the joke about the woman who decided to clean the kitchen and came across an unpaid bill in a pile of stuff shoved into the corner of the counter? She decided to pay it straight away because it was already late. She heads for her desk and the checkbook, but discovers the last check was written out on Sunday for the church offering. So, she digs through the closet for the box with replacement checks, but it's empty. Then she remembers the new checks were in yesterday's mail which she left in the car. So out the garage she goes. Yesterday's pile of mail is still sitting right on the front seat where she left it. But so are three empty water bottles. She grabs the bottles and heads to the recycling bin. But the bin it out by the curb awaiting collection. When she gets to the curb, the recyclables have not been picked up yet, but the rubbish has. So she drags the rubbish barrel back into the garage and hunts for a replacement plastic liner. But the box is empty. Her husband has another box in the basement, so back to the house, down the stairs and to hubby's bench. She pulls a new plastic rubbish liner out of the box and returns to the stairs, where she decides to grab the half full paint can and take it back out the garage. The shelf where the paint should go is soaking wet. What? Where did the water come from? Wait - that's not water. She sniffs her fingers. It's not paint thinner. Not water either. She's not sure what it is, so she hustles back to the kitchen to get the spray cleaner and some paper towels. But the towel dispenser is empty. And the new package of paper towels is still in the trunk of her car. Back out to the car, lug the paper towels, and while she's at it, the giant on-sale package of toilet paper, plus a box of bath soap, also on sale. She deposits the paper towels on the counter and heads for the linen closet to store the TP and bath soap. The linen closet it open and she remembers that she meant to change the sheets on the kids beds. So, after stowing her purchases, she finds two sets of sheets and matching pillow cases and heads to the kids room. Turns out crossing the floor to get to their beds might be dangerous to her health so she leaves the sheets on the corner of a dresser and promises to make up the beds after the kids get home from school and clean up their room. By now she's exhausted. Time for a cup of coffee. As she sits with her hands wrapped about the steaming mug she realizes she's been on the go all morning, but the kitchen is still not cleaned up, the bill has not been paid, the mail is still in her car, the shelf in the garage is still wet with unknown substances and the rubbish barrel is sitting in the driveway without a new liner. How can she possibly have been so busy and yet gotten nothing done?

Well, that's my day. After spending the last two weeks getting two newsletter's out, my own and one for my writer's chapter, sorting through piles of my father's paperwork and getting payments scheduled for his care in the nursing home, trying to get both my own and my father's brokerage accounts unrestricted (due to a letter I need to sign and return, but which hasn't yet been sent to me) so I can place a couple trades, I had planned to get back to my work in progress this week. It's been so long since I actually worked on it, I spent yesterday catching up to where I stopped writing. And today was supposed to be  . . . well maybe tomorrow . . .

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