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Blogging By the Sea
Friday, May 25 2018

At least, that's what I keep telling myself. 

After spending the better part of a year filled with family issues writing book five in my series, requested by my editor and then having her retire and the book turned down, I decided it was going to get published, even if I had to do it myself. So many authors are doing it, both new authors and some who've been traditionally published and on the best seller lists for years. So, why not me?

Following all the best advice, I paid for professional editing, and for the cover. I was fortunate with both these ladies as they did a bang-up job. A dear friend who happens to do content editing and publishing in her small one-woman operation assured me I could do the formatting and recommended a book which I promptly bought. It's a slim volume and very straight forward. How hard can this be?

Well, as it turns out . . .  harder than you'd think. To start with, I'm a Mac user so anyone I can consult for advice is usually using a different version of Word. Then there's the issue of me being technically challenged. I keep reminding myself that I managed, through trial and error to build my own website in spite of this personal failing. And I persevered. I'm still persevering. And I will continue to persevere until Keeping His Promise is out and my readers who've waited far too long already for Kate's story to appear can dive in and find out what happens to the last of the Cameron kids from Tide's Way. So bear with me. I'm shooting for June 22nd. 

In the meantime, have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Even if you don't attend any parades or visit any gravesites, take a moment to thank, in your heart, those who've sacrificed everything to protect the freedoms we all enjoy every day. Take a moment to honor them and contemplate the enormity of that sacrifice. Remember that from the days of the Revolutionary War to today in far flung places in the world, these men and women have put on the uniform of our country and gone out to do battle for an ideal and not come home to their own families. They leave behind grief stricken parents, heartbroken spouses and kids who will grow up without the love, guidance and support of their mother or father. All so you can enjoy all that America represents. 


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