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Blogging By the Sea
Monday, July 02 2018

For my readers who've been eagerly awaiting the next in the Camerons of Tide's Way series - your wait is over. Kate's story is about to begin, and we are treated to another visit to Tide's Way.


It begins with a new character we haven't met before, but he's been a part of Kate's life since she was a little girl. Now, Jon Canfield is a police officer on the small Tide's Way police force and hoping to become its chief when the current man retires at the end of the year. Jon has always had a thing for Kate, but before he found his teenage courage to do anything about it, he introduced her to his school friend Ethan Shaw and had to stand by and watch her fall head over heels in love with the other boy. As soon as Jon graduated high school, he joined the Marines thinking to put time and distance between himself and the woman he couldn't have, but eventually he returned to Tide's Way and joined its small police force. He bought an old fixer-upper, a stately older home that stood on a hill with a view of the ocean just a short way from the development where Ethan and Kate were now raising their two daughters. He's always been Kate's best friend and if that's all he can have, that's better than nothing. Then Ethan is killed by a drunk driver, Jon had turned on his lights to pull over. With his last breath, Ethan begs Jon to take care of "his girls." Blaming himself for the handling of the traffic stop and the awful results, Jon does his best to keep that promise without taking advantage and without letting his heart show while Kate grieves and moves on with her life.


Kate followed Ethan to New York City to college and while there fell in love with journalism. While still in school she interned with a well knowns New York newspaper, and landed a entry level job there when she graduated while Ethan went on to Law School, which he hated but was doing because his father dreamed of adding "& Son" to sign over his law office door. But when Ethan's dad died freeing him from that commitment, he pursued his own dream in the area of culinary arts. When Kate's first pregnancy was difficult almost ending in her death in childbirth, Ethan was convinced that the hustle and stress of New York City was partly to blame and he brought her home to Tide's Way where he bought an old run-down restaurant and turned it into one of the town's best places to get ribs. Kate's second baby was born without complications and Ethan was sure that living in Tide's Way was the reason, so he was appalled when Kate wanted to move back to the city to pursue her career in journalism. It would mean giving up his restaurant and coping with city life - something he didn't want for himself or his young daughters. They rarely argued, but this issue sent Ethan storming from the house to cool off, but before he could return to apologize he was struck down by a drunk driver leaving Kate with a mountain of guilt, a restaurant to manage and two young girls to raise on her own. 


Kate landed a job with a paper in Wilmington and got on with her life. It wasn't New York City, but with Ethan gone and she being at least partly to blame, she remained in Tide's Way, learning how to be a single parent, manage Ethan's restaurant and hold down a job. Her best friend, Jon Canfield was always been there for her. He was her champion and protector when she tagged along with Jon and her brothers as a child, he introduced her to Ethan and took leave from the Marines to be at her wedding. And now he's doing his best to fulfill the promise Ethan forced him to make, watching the girls when Kate's responsibilities took her away from home, being a shoulder to lean on when grief seemed unbearable and a sounding board when she wasn't sure what she should do when decisions got tough. 


Then a freak storm sends Kate and her girls next door to Jon's for shelter when a huge tree comes down on their house requiring major repairs before they can return home. Kate begins to feel things for Jon she can't explain and he's finding it harder and harder to hide his own feelings. But standing between them and any kind of happy resolution is their individual guilt over Ethan's death and a totally divided opinion on the idea of creating a second chance home in their small town for non-violent ex-cons. Jon's a cop and he knows the rates of recidivism when young men who got on the wrong side of the law don't find help, employment or support when they try to turn their lives around. Kate is firmly in the "Not-in-my-Backyard" camp. How can they be fighting over this? Kate is appalled to discover Jon isn't supporting her view on this important issue. He's always been on her side of things -- until now! 


So, come on over to Tide's Way and settle in to see how Jon and Kate deal with the twists their lives have taken. If you've read the earlier books in the series you'll enjoy seeing Jake in action repairing Kate's house, Brianna and Zoe deep into the Save Jolee project and definitely with Kate on the second chance house issue, and Philip, retired from the Marines and loving his life and wife with a new baby in his arms and another on the way. You'll visit Sandy and Cam Cameron's beach house and sit down to dinner with the whole family. The Camerons are a big family with a lot of love to share, and they'd love to have you stop by. 


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