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Blogging By the Sea
Sunday, May 03 2020

Christopher G. Bremicker was a Green Beret medic stationed at Ft. Bragg NC from 1968 to 1970. He has a BA in English and a Master’s in Business Administration, both from the University of Minnesota. He is a newspaperman, downhill skier, and grouse hunter. He plays handball and reviews theater. He is a sales associate at Walgreen’s in St. Paul, MN, his forty-sixth job since high school. His hometown is Cable, WI. He has won awards from Veterans Voices Writing Project Inc. from the VFW, and the American Legion.



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About Song for My Baby and Other Stories

Publication date: June 16, 2020

Publisher: Unsolicited Press

Genre: Hybrid, fiction, nonfiction, memoir

Song for My Baby and Other Stories is best described as a work with great variety. What begins with the sudden demise of a father on a hunting trip, transforms into a collection that deals with mental illness, hitting bottom, and an appreciation for those who stick around in the worst of times. Bremicker takes readers for a ride with no degree of certainty. From a high stakes golf game to pay off a son’s cocaine debt, a dating service that results in twelve dates in twelve months, a kidney transplant, a heart attack, a relapse on alcohol, to years in and out of psych wards and veterans’ homes, the book shifts gears from story to story.

Buy the book: Song for My Baby and Other Stories

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Interview with Christopher G. Bremicker

What does the act of writing bring into your life? Why do you want to write?

I don’t want to write. I can’t help it. At a dinner party, James Thurber’s wife looked at him and told him to stop writing. I’m like that. I do it subconsciously.

Do you have a favorite writing space or a place you go to for inspiration?

I need to be around people to write, like a coffee shop or the community room in my hi-rise. Many writers like to write in solitude. I can’t stand it. I draw energy from a crowd and concentrate better when there’s commotion.

Do you have any writing totems? Superstitions? Strange routines?

I never talk about work in progress. It’s bad luck and invariably kills the story and the creative juices. I won’t even tell my psychologist. I’ve experimented with this theory and it’s true. I keep my mouth shut.

What is your most recent book and what inspired it? 

Song for My Baby and Other Stories—inspired by my recovery from a heart attack and mental illness. It is a compilation of stories that a Dutch journalist and friend of mine liked. He was knighted by the Queen of Holland for his work also as a literary critic and his judgment is impeccable. I am highly prolific, and the book is my best stuff.

What is the message of your book? What do you want readers to come away with after they read your book? 

Mental illness can be overcome with hobbies that give a person a life worth living. You’re living in Hell, might as well enjoy it and have something to look back on, if you ever make it to a semblance of health.

Tell us an interesting fact or hidden secret about one of the characters that we wouldn’t know by reading the book. 

The greatest handball player in the world is me. I’m the worst player in our handball league but have the greatest of the game’s personality. Booze, women, and cigarettes, although I quit all three.

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