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Blogging By the Sea
Friday, August 18 2023

After a week that brought far more surprises and stress than I thought possible after arriving home after two months away and a three-day drive, I’m amazed I’m even getting this blog written, but here goes.


My personal favorite is first person both to read and write because I feel like I AM the person living the story. I’m in their head, feeling, seeing, thinking, and reacting to the events going on around me. The first book I wrote that finally got published was written in first person, because it was one man’s personal life falling apart right in the middle of a very close three-way race for the White House. Everything was going well until a man he’d never met handed Matt a photo from a long ago time he’d done everything to forget, to emotions he never wanted to relive. How he dealt with the issue and the choices he made were the story, so I wanted to tell it from his POV and first person was the best way to get into his head.


But then, I pitched it at a conference and the editor loved the premise and asked to read it. She still loved the story and the premise but thought it didn’t have enough tension, and she suggested writing in third person so I could see into the other candidates he was running against. I ended up adding the point of view of the young man who brought him the photo in the first place because he was a pivotal character in the story. The next time I pitched it, the editor contracted it. The Candidate    is still, all the books I’ve written since, one of the two best I’ve written – my humble opinion. But I have to agree with that first editor. It was stronger when I and the reader knew what the other candidates were up to and definitely created more tension.


For my romances, both the time travel (Iain’s Plaid)  and the series (The Camerons of Tide’s Way)   it never occurred to me to try first person because anyone reading a romance wants to know what both halves of the love story and thinking and feeling. I have read one amazingly great romance written in the first person. But the twist was that each alternating chapter was first the heroine, then the hero, then back to the heroine. That story was compelling because we got into the heads and hearts of both characters in a way third person often doesn’t allow. But I didn’t go that route – I chose the more conventional third person so the reader could be in the POV of both the hero and the heroine in every chapter if the transitions were done well. Two of my books in the Tide’s Way series (Healing a Hero and Worry Stone) have won silver in the Royal Palm Literary Awards so clearly the judges thought so as well.


Then I decided to try writing a mystery. And for some reason, since it wasn’t a romance I guess, and I like first person, I wrote Bullseye in the First Person POV of my protagonist, Detective Jesse Quinn. I like that story as have my readers, but when I started out to write book two in the series, I wondered if I had made a mistake. So much easier to create suspense if you see into the heads of others – especially the bad guy. I even wrote a scene between the killer and the victim that the reader would know about but my heroine would not. But then I decided to keep the series consistent and that scene is in a file somewhere while I tackled telling the story from Jesse’s point of view. Not sure what I’ll do with the next book in the series – time will tell.


And now I’m plotting out a whole new series, but I haven’t decided on POV yet. Since I have just one main protagonist, I would like to return to my favorite, first person. She will have a love life – everyone needs a little romance in their lives, but the main story is hers and she’s the mover in the series so that’s the way I’m leaning. And like I did with the mystery I just finished, I’ve already written the first scene: Here’s a teaser:


My heart plummeted as my boss outlined his plans, pulling the last rug out from under me. Just a week ago, I’d been a happily married woman with two wonderful sons I’d just driven to college leaving time for me and Dan to start in on the Bucket List we’d been building over the years. Two nights ago, Dan packed his clothes and left. Without me.

Now I had no marriage. No boys to busy myself with. And now, no job.

No job, that is, unless I wanted to move across the country to a state I never had any desire to live in.

“No need to give me an answer right now, Kenzie,” Bill was saying, his voice coming from a long way off.  “Think about it.”


So, now it’s time to check in and see what some of my fellow Blog Hoppers think about POV – but do leave me a comment first…..


Anne Stenhouse

AJ McGuire 

Connie Vines 

Helena Fairfax 

Posted by: Skye Taylor AT 08:13 pm   |  Permalink   |  4 Comments  |  Email
Skye, I look forward to your posts. :) I agree, the first person is my favorite POV, also. Plotting a new series is exciting.
Posted by connie vines on 08/19/2023 - 12:57 AM
Hi Skye and thanks for getting us up despite your series of adversities this past week. I spend a lot of time getting POV right for me and it is a huge challenge. I suspect it's why I enjoy writing dialogue/drama so much. Your teaser first para is superb. I'm sure that'll prosper. Anne
Posted by anne stenhouse on 08/19/2023 - 04:42 AM
It looks like many of us have been enjoying First Person POV. I admit that I am already knee deep in the third Nora book and still loving this POV.
Posted by AJ Maguire on 08/19/2023 - 11:36 AM
Hi Skye, Thanks for organising us despite your stresses. Coming from the UK, I just can't imagine a three-day drive. I think you could just about cover Land's End in the south to John O'Groats in the north in a day. That's interesting what your editor said about changing pov to third to raise the tension. And interesting that you wrote your detective novel in the first person. That makes sense to me, as the detective is trying to solve a mystery, and by staying in her head readers have to solve it with her - rather than discovering something she doesn't know, if you see what I mean. I really enjoyed your thoughtful post. I hope you have a stress-free week.
Posted by Helena Fairfax on 08/21/2023 - 02:50 PM

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